Chicago and Hamilton

If you haven’t yet listened to the Hamilton soundtrack, you must. Ever since I first searched it up on Youtube last September I’ve been obsessed. From the genius polyphany to the witty lyrics, Hamilton is truly a masterpiece–a masterpiece that, I thought, I would not be seeing any time soon (it isn’t cheap).

And then, lo and behold, my parents surprised my brothers and me with my graduation present:


Did I squeal? Maybe. 

Out of the blue we took a day off and drove to Chicago.

Upon arrival we stopped for Sasha’s favorite lunch: sushi.


Then, my day got even more magical as we visited the Art Institute (I just love the Impressionists). After a quick coffee (essential, you know) it was time to get ready. Our dinner reservation was quite early since the show began at 7:30. By 5:30 we were comfortably seated at Avec, a cozy Mediterranean restaurant run by the same people who own one of my favorite Chicago restaurants: Blackbird.
  I’ve just been waiting for an excuse to wear opera gloves 😉

  So maybe I’m pretending I’m at Downton Abbey


Cod brandade



Chocolate mousse

And then came the show. It was phenomenal, beautifully done and beyond comparison. I just have to say: my parents are the best. I could never have asked for a more fantastic gift.



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