Vegetable Quinoa

My senior year is drawing to a close and college is fast approaching, which means that pretty soon I will no longer be living at home, eating meals my parents prepare every night.  Nor will I have access to a nice kitchen or money to be spending on grass-fed beef (or time in which to prepare complex recipes).  So lately I’ve been thinking about the sort of cheap, easy-to-prepare-in-bulk dishes that will keep me satisfied in college. One of my current favorites is quinoa.

For those of you who have never eaten quinoa, it’s fairly similar to rice (but it has a very nice flavor and is actually quite healthy).  Its taste, while good, is subtle enough that you can make it with anything: with meat or vegetables, as a side, in a salad, etc.  Last night I thought I’d prepare a batch to take for lunch throughout the week.  As I said, quinoa goes with anything, so I grabbed the veggies we currently had in the fridge: carrots, Brussels sprouts and spinach.

First I poured one cup of chicken stock, one cup of water, a teaspoon of salt and one cup of dry quinoa in a pot and placed it over medium heat. I let the quinoa come to a boil, then reduced the heat and covered it, allowing it to cook and stirring every now and then.

Then I placed a pan over medium heat and choppedd up the Brussels sprouts and carrots.  When the pan was hot I poured in enough olive oil to coat the bottom, then added the carrots and Brussels sprouts with some salt and pepper (in this way you can make practically any vegetable delicious). After some minutes, when the vegetables were mostly cooked, I added in generous heaps of spinach and allowed them to cook.

It took about twenty minutes for
the quinoa to cook (it should be dry and fluffy).  To finish it off I stirred the vegetables into the quinoa and mixed.  And voila! Quinoa!