My brother loves sushi. I mean really loves it–he mentions it at least five times a day, asks for it all the time and complains whenever we eat anything that isn’t sushi.  Because of this, my family started calling him ‘Sushi’ (his name is Sasha, so it works). Today was Sushi’s birthday and we made him some sushi, of course. 

We are no sushi experts–this is only the third time my family has attempted the dish, and it’s slightly tricky.  Our first round of rolls collapsed (Sasha then spooned their remains into his mouth), but soon we figured out that it is better to err on the side of too much rice, that the whole sheet of seaweed must be used and that too much filling is a bad move.  

We chose to make two different fillings: beef with mushroom and seared tuna with avocado.  We purchased seaweed paper at our local Asian market as well as some sushi-rolling mats to aid the process.

Once you have prepared the filling of your choice, place it on a work surface as well as cooked rice, seaweed paper and a bowl of water. Wet your hands and place a generous amount of rice on a sheet of seaweed, patting it down to spread it evenly. 

Next, flip it over and place filling in a line in the middle of the sheet.

Carefully roll one side over so that the filling is covered and hold for a moment before completely rolling up the sushi.  Use a sharp knife to gently cut it into smaller rolls. Enjoy!


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